Long ago, before the age of men, the world was ruled by dragons.
Eight tribes of dragons held dominion over the mortal races of the world, the chiefs of these tribes were known as dragon lords, they were much larger and stronger than any other dragons, their might, intelligence, and magical power seemed infinite. A millennium passed and the dragons remained unchecked, until one fateful day, a stone fell from the sky in a flash of light, within this stone contained a mystical ore of peerless quality and strength. This mystical ore was fashioned in hellfire to create legendary weapons so powerful they could strike down even the mightiest of dragons. The last bastion of humankind mustered their might for one last onslaught against the dragon lords, with their divine weapons in hand, one by one the armies of dragons fell to their might, until all but a few dragons remained. The dragons lords combined strength was too much to strike down even with the divine weapons, so in a desperate attempt to banish them from this from this world, Oreus, one of the most powerful wizards in the world along with several other sorcerers combined their power to create a pocket dimension capable of containing the dragon lords. Gabriel, the leader of the humans used his divine blade, Aetherius to use their own strength against them forcing them into the portal later to be known as “The Thundering Gate” trapping them inside for all eternity. A seal was placed upon the blade so that none could ever open the gate without the blade and none but the rightful ruler of Atiria could ever wield this divine weapon. This war between dragons and men became known as the Dragonmire War.
Many years have passed since this savage war, and a time of true peace and prosperity has spread to the four corners of the known world as humankind flourished. The continent was divided into 5 major provinces, the capital of Atiria being Stagwell housing the descendants of Gabriel Galterius. The current king of Stagwell, Heinrik Galterius a direct descendant of Gabriel has ruled this land with compassion and mercy, the continent had never known prosperity so much as it has under his rule, he is much loved by his people and respected by all. He is know as the “Stone Forged King”, he is a generous caring ruler who puts his country first and thinks only of it’s well being. As of late the king has been absent from many court appearances and rarely leaves his wing of the castle, instead his place taken by the newly appointed royal sorcerer, Crowley. Crowley is a cruel, savage man, often times executing offenders for trivial crimes, often making public displays of his cruelty for the lands to see. many have appealed to his highness but their pleas go unheard. Crime and poverty run rampant through the once prosperous land, and dark forces have gathered in the world, and even now, the dragons silently await their chance, hundreds of years of spite have only twisted their minds, they would surely enslave or destroy all mortal races if given the chance…
This is where you come in, this is where you step in to save this beautiful world from a hellish nightmare… This… is Atirian Conquest!

Atirian Conquest

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